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Timber Flooring Installation

Our team can install your timber floors by direct stick, plank on ply and plank on battens.

Timber Flooring Installation – We also install pattern floors and boarders. Direct Stick installation is when the timber is glued and nailed directly to the concrete subfloor after a moisture barrier has been applied.

It is long lasting, clean and affordable.

It is quiet to walk on and easy to sand in the future as required.

Plank on ply is used to build height or install over a variety of subfloor surfaces.

Plywood sheets are glued & nailed to the concrete or other subfloors after moisture barrier has been applied.

The floorboards are then glued & nailed onto the plywood. Plank on battens is when a moisture barrier is applied and solid battens are glued and fixed to the concrete.

The timber is then glued and nailed to the battens creating a more traditional hollow sound.

We also install a wide range of engineered flooring.

After a moisture barrier is applied, the engineered floor boards are glued to the floor.

Engineered floors can also be installed as a floating floor were a foam underlay is laid and the engineered boards are installed over the underlay.

Timber Flooring Installation

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