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Spotted Gum Perth

Walk On Wood Spotted Gum Perth is one of Australia’s most sought afterflooring options and it is not missing from our broad range here at Walk On Wood.

We are fully aware of the quality of spotted gum in Perth and that it is a wood type that offers one of the most beautiful aspects you can expect from a flooring solution.

Spotted gum Perth is the name given to four species of tree that grow on the east coast of Australia, making spotted gum a fully Australian and excellent material made from the best material given by nature.

At Walk On Wood, we are proud to specialise in the finest quality spotted gum flooring installations at the best possible prices.

Trust Walk On Wood to purchase your spotted gum flooring in different styles, designs and types but we do believe that spotted gum engineered floors are your best possible pick because:

• It can be installed over existing floor: Spotted gum in Perth can be installed on top of any other type of floor which means there is no need to rip out and demolish your old floors before installation.
• It is an eco-friendly product: not just because it is fully biodegradable and is made from sustainable products but also because no wood is wasted in manufacturing these products. Engineered floors are made of pressed wood and have a spotted gum hardwood surface.
• It is very affordable: our spotted gum in Perth is a smart yet very aesthetically pleasing option which can help you save money during your installation.

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Spotted Gum Perth
Spotted Gum Perth

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