Spiral Staircase Perth

Have you always dreamt of the ideal spiral staircase Perth?

Well experience soiphistication and dive into our wide range of spiral staircase Perth installation services situated in Perth WA.

Spiral Staircase Perth – Here at Walk On Wood we administer leading stair design products and have completed plentiful areas with success.


Custom make a unique design to suit your needs

Plan the right size and style

Produce products from quality materials

Deliver your timber stairs in a timely manner

Offer you the best value for your money

Here at Walk On Wood, we are the industry experts when it comes to offering exceptional spiral staircase Perth services as we are transparent with our quotes and work effortlessly to achieve the results you aspire.

Walk On Wood is a proud Perth based family business.

With over 20 years experience in the flooring industry we have progressed into being a leader in the installation of stairs Perth.

We take pride in our work and only use top quality products to ensure our work in timber floor installation, sanding and coating is of the best quality.

We offer expertise and client satisfaction second to none with personalised and professional service.

Spiral staircase Perth designs are a distinguished and prestigious feature in your home so we take great pride in our stairs Perth services.

Our extensive experience and constant drive to be the best in our industry has rendered us as the finest stairs Perth company.

We first form up your stairs with plywood to get them all the same size and height, then we pour levelling concrete to get them level before installing the solid timber and style of your choice.

Walk On Wood has a range of different options for timber stairs so please contact us to discuss what will best suit your home and style.

Spiral Staircase Perth
Spiral Staircase Perth

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